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Mission Statement

It has been said that ‘we have become apart from nature rather than a part of nature.’

Lonescout believes this to be the case, evidenced in the way that we abuse our Earth, destroying it increasingly quickly with our consume all and hang the consequences attitude.

It is easy to not care when one is distant, a state born of ignorance. Lonescout thinks that constant bombardment about the enormity of the catastrophe that we are heading towards globally is only partially effective.

Lonescout firmly believes that to begin to grasp the global issue then we must become aware of our own local picture and develop a respect for our garden, school ground, park, recreation ground, woodland etc.

We are too busy with our lives today to even give our environment a chance, it has become nothing more than a distant and sometimes irritating background. Even in an urban environment we can wake up to the sound of the dawn chorus, but who chooses to take the time to listen? Most of us have experienced the cat digging up our bedding plants and leaving ‘little messages’, but how many of us have seen their footprints on the lawn?

Lonescout offers to help us notice our own part of the Earth by using Bushcraft skills. When we initially look at our countryside it appears to be a mass of green with a bit of brown. As we spend time learning we are able to see different shades of green and brown, witness ‘Jack by the Hedge’ and how it stands out from its surroundings. Then those minute shots of colour that are the ‘Hazel’ flowers. The more we become familiar with our surroundings the more we relax and the more we notice.