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Why the logo?

The ‘Wolf that never sleeps‘ (Baden-Powell) has been influencing the way my life pans out from way before I was born.

In short, a man who was known to me as ‘Skip’ lodged with my Grandparents and he was involved with Scouting as far as I know back to the 1920s. He had a great influence on my dad and a profound influence on me. I still find myself seeing things through his eyes.

Lonescout is the name given to me by my American hosts at Camp Geiger when I was admitted into their honor camping society, a program that keeps teenagers and beyond enthusiastic about Scouting.

Upon ‘googling’ lonescout images an image of a sculpture by Mark Hopkins was one of the first to come up. A wolf.

My logo is a combination of a wolfs image through its own paw print. Many of you saw both images, some didn’t. This is down to what is known in tracking circles as ‘binocular rivalry’. When two or more things are competing or the eye/brains attention the most obvious one wins out. Tracking is something very close to my heart, which is another story in its self!

So there you have it, the abridged story behind my logo, and some of what makes up Lonescout Bushcraft.